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The self-aligning compact mounting unit for SIWAREX WL270 CP-S SA load cells is particularly suitable for implementation in container, platform, vehicle and roller table scales.



The compact mounting unit comprises a base plate and a top plate, two pressure pieces, two clamping pieces and two countersunk screws. There are threaded holes in the base plate and top plate for the subsequent flange-fitting of guide elements.


The top plate is aligned and fixed above the base plate with the two countersunk screws. This results in a stable unit. The height of the top plate is adjusted so that it is three millimeters above the installation height with load cell.


Two pressure pieces are used to mount the load cell. They are fastened flush with the head plate and base plate using the clamping pieces.


In this state the compact mounting unit serves as an installation aid and can be used as a dummy for light installation jobs.


Prior to installation, the load cell is inserted into the compact mounting unit. Then the complete unit is installed in the scales. As the result, the load bearing implement and the mounting units are aligned. The load cells are not yet loaded.


Finally the load bearing implement is lowered by undoing two hex nuts under the top plate. The weight now rests on the load cells.


In the state the load cell and the pressure pieces together form a self-centering unit. The compact mounting unit permits sideway displacement of the top plate, and hence of the load bearing implement, by up to three millimeters in all directions. The countersunk screws prevent the load bearing implement from being lifted off or toppling off.


Using the compact mounting unit as an installation aid results in optimum alignment of the load cells. This is essential for the load cells to perform at their best in terms of accuracy.


For maintenance or troubleshooting purposes the load cell can be relieved again by screwing up the hex nuts. Replacement of the load cell is then easy after the clamping pieces are released.