Belt Scales – The first choice for weighing systems

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All Siemens Milltronics belt scales require very little maintenance and are fast and easy to install and calibrate. They have no moving parts, include corrosion-resistant load cells, and are designed for 150% of rated capacity and 300% of ultimate load cell capacity.

Milltronics MSI belt scale – unparalleled performance

Milltronics MSI features simple, proven construction built around the most effective load cell technology. Structurally sound for the most demanding applications. Drop-in installation makes alignment simple and economical. Simply put, Milltronics MSI is the easiest belt scale on the market to install and maintain.


Chinese Company, XinYu Steel produces and sell iron and steel products including plates, wires, re bars, tubes and strips.


  • For measuring fine ore powder, coal powder, and coke, XinYu required belt scales with higher accuracy in line with industry standards for custody transfer.
  • Operators installed Siemens MMI belt scales, BW500 integrators, and SITRANS WS300 shaft mounted speed sensors.


  • Belt Scales play a key role in the custody transfer, energy saving, and cost accounting.
  • The system gives unified management and monitoring of energy and raw materials connected to the network through the whole factory.